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What is good about cambridge air cooler

Air coolers are simple devices that make use of evaporative cooling to cool the air.Evaporation has the effect of “removing heat”.prevent direct sunlight from heating up an area.preventing objects in a room from heating up by radiation.reduce high humidity levels which hamper thermal comfort indoors.

They are very similar to swamp coolers(air conditioner with no compressor) which uses water spray rather than evaporation.

The term is most often used in reference to portable devices that are easily movable.They are commonly used as an alternative to traditional room air conditioning especially in regions where they provide a more economical cooling solution .

cambridge air cooler:

cambridge air cooler was developed by Stephen S. Tvedten in the 1980s, who worked as an engineer for four years to help commercialise this product.use evaporation of water or ice,or both ,to cool down the ambient temperature.they are also known as evaporative coolers .

They do not have a compressor or refrigeration system which differentiates them from the more common air conditioner.The Cambridge cooler has a large tank that stores water, which then evaporates into a cooling area made of a wet pad. This “soggy” pad can either be placed over an opening in the unit with a fan blowing through it, or the water can be poured directly onto the pad.

The fan blows room air through a soggy filter, which cools down as it dries out from evaporation of water .


cambridge cooler is made up of a tank, pump and some has no compressor ,refrigerant or filter.the pump moves water from the tank to a wet filter and then it moves this water into the evaporative pad which is made up of tyvek material .

tyvek is a very thin ,re-usable, synthetic material that will not tear easily.

cambridge cooler has no moving parts except for the small fan attached to it for drawing in air and blowing out the cooled air.The fan blows room air through a soggy filter, which cools down as it dries out from evaporation of water .

the main feature of cambridge cooler is its portability and can be easily moved around if also has some adjustable features like the timer and the humidistat for automatic control.

There is no need of electricity or batteries with air cooler as it operates on water, which is pumped from a tank to a cloth pad (evaporative filter) ,which has some openings which allows the fan to blow air through it .the soggy pad also absorbs room air, which is then cooled by the evaporated water.

The cooled room air is then inhaled by people and animals in the room due to fan blowing through the soggy pad .this process of moving warm moist air from a confined space over a cold surface, where it loses heat and moisture to become cooler and drier is called evaporative cooling .The process is the same as our own sweat cooling us down in a hot climate.

The cooled air then exits through an exhaust pipe, into the surroundings .Some of the ambient heat from around this picked up by cooler and blown back into room The temperature for which cambridge cooler works vary with humidity level of the room it’s placed at .