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Many Vegetarians and animal rights campaigners insist that we should stop eating meat for ethical reasons. It has been estimated that over half of the world’s species are now endangered due to man’s greed for food. We have hunted animals almost to extinction in some areas, destroyed their natural habitat, and polluted the earth with dangerous chemicals.

There are many ways in which our diets can be improved, but I think it is essential to look at what effect being vegetarian has on other species and how it affects us, humans, too. The fact is there are massive health benefits for us if we eat a more plant-based diet – this probably needs explaining, so let’s start with why most people who become Vegetarian eventually change back to eating meat when they leave school or their parents’ home.

One of the most common ways of feeding ourselves instead of meat is to eat dairy products, cheese, and eggs. These are very high in saturated fat, which clogs up the coronary arteries leading to heart disease – more people die from this each year than AIDS, cancer, and auto accidents put together! Not only that, but they also contain animal protein which causes arthritis, kidney problems, etc. Vegetarian food does not have these risks; if you’re vegetarian for ethical reasons, then think about it this way. Every time you have a chicken sandwich, are you helping chickens? Probably not – there are too many of them, so your newfound concern about chickens is just an excuse for your fatty meal or addiction to cheese! By eating a diary sandwich, you are adding to the demand for these products, which means more chickens will be kept in horrific conditions somewhere out of sight. When you eat meat or dairy, you are helping to perpetuate one of the greatest evils on this earth, don’t kid yourself. It’s not over yet!

If you’re eating cheese just because it tastes good, consider this: cheese contains casein, which is glued together bits of milk – this is what gives the cheese its stringiness and texture. The longer people leave the milk to stand after milking, the stronger the glue becomes. In tests, it was found that rats who were fed casein suffered damage to their hearts, kidneys, and nervous systems! Anyone who has ever seen cows’ udders hanging off their bodies will know what I’m talking about!

Think about the fact that you are eating cheese made from milk which comes out of a cow’s or goat’s UDDERS. Do you want these juices running through your veins? Not me, baby me neither! This is one reason why many vegetarians have lousy skin problems; it’s just where all those dairy products are going in their bodies – the body wastes 30% of all food consumed, so if someone eats a heavy meal. They might feel full, but something like half an hour later, and they’re looking for more food again because the body has decided that this is not good enough and hardly any of it was used up.

When we overeat protein, we end up with uric acid, which can be extremely harmful. High uric acid levels are the cause of gout, arthritis, and kidney stones – now imagine if everyone slowly died of this! I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t had a relative die from one of these diseases – not exactly an ideal way to go, is it?